Climate and sustainable development expert ClimateCare has joined forces with specialist Natural and Social Capital consultancy Sustain Value to offer businesses a cost-effective way to implement Natural and Social Capital frameworks. Together the two organisations are able to help businesses identify, measure and evaluate environmental and social impacts, plan the best actions to mitigate and offset these impacts and take real action on the ground.

Many companies have set out Net Zero and Net Positive ambitions, but it can be difficult to translate these into measurable targets and creditable action.

Using the latest Natural and Social Capital accounting techniques the team will help companies measure and value their social and environmental impacts, identify the most material impacts and prioritise actions to reduce future business risk and increase business opportunities. Having evaluated a company’s net impacts, the team will plan and put in place activities to deliver measurable social and environmental outcomes that can be transparently reported and independently verified.

“As businesses look to the future they need to understand the ever growing environmental and social risks and opportunities that face them.  With the launch of the Natural Capital Protocol on July 13th, which sets out a standardised framework for businesses to measure and value natural capital impacts and dependencies, companies have never been better placed to do this.  The knowledge and insights gleaned can inform responsible business strategies and actions right through from supply chain to customer, and this is where we can help.” Explains James Spurgeon, Founder and CEO of Sustain Value


Whether a business wants to assess risks within a particular supply chain, weigh up alternative options for opening a new factory, or demonstrate that a site or product has a net positive impact, applying Natural and Social Capital Impact assessments helps provide a full picture and leads to better, more informed decision making.

In addition, the use of agreed protocols to value environmental and social impacts helps make the business case for action to boards, shareholders, lenders and other stakeholders. While transparent reporting helps build trust and secure a company’s license to operate and grow.

Pooling the decades of expertise within both organisations, means customers benefit from a breadth of advisory and delivery experience. Resulting programmes are therefore not only aligned with the business need and purpose, but are sense checked in the realities of what it takes to deliver a successful programme.

“We specialise in creating and delivering robust programmes that deliver measurable, positive impacts for people and the environment and that do so quickly, cost effectively and reliably.” Explains Edward Hanrahan, CEO ClimateCare.

“Joining forces with Sustain Value means we can help businesses at an earlier stage of the sustainability journey. And investing in the best measurement of a business’s current and future impacts makes simple sense. If we have the best information upfront, we can design and deliver the most effective programmes for our clients.”

If you are interested in finding out how the partnership can help your business, fill out the form below to get in touch. Alternatively, call us on +44 (0)1865 591000 or email [email protected]