Visit the Gyapa Stoves project page to watch a brand new video highlighting the positive outcomes this efficient cookstove project delivers for people and the environment. This project is improving the lives of 1.9 million people and has already saved them more than $22 million in fuel costs.

This month our guest blog from the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves explains how supporting cookstove projects like this helps to fight climate change, protect local forests and importantly improve people’s health and create jobs.

ClimateCare have been closely involved with Relief International and the Gyapa project since 2007. It┬árelies on funding from carbon finance, so please contact us today on +44(0)1865 591000 or email [email protected] to offset your emissions and deliver measurable benefits to the community.

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> Visit the project page for more information

We can apply the LBG methodology to this project for larger clients. Read more about how this helped Aviva demonstrate the full value of their carbon offset programme here,or contact us for more details.