This carbon offset report lists the total volume of carbon offsets processed by ClimateCare for Air New Zealand customers under the FlyNeutral carbon offset programme.

The carbon credits purchased for the FlyNeutral programme are held and retired on a range of registries around the world. When Air New Zealand customers buy the carbon credits for offsetting under FlyNeutral, those credits are removed from circulation in those registries, effecting the offset. This means they are either retired or cancelled at the relevant registries on which those credits were issued.

To make it easier to understand the carbon credit retirements or cancellations ClimateCare has processed under FlyNeutral, this report sets out the consolidated retirement or cancellation actions that ClimateCare has processed for each customer across the global registry network.

A link to the live registry view for each registry on which FlyNeutral carbon credits are held and then retired or cancelled for the FlyNeutral programme is below.

Carbon Offsets: Up to 30th November 2018

Date Air New Zealand Customer Name Volume of credits Description
03/08/18 Air New Zealand 8,700 Retired or cancelled on behalf of Air New Zealand Ltd to offset flight-related greenhouse gas emissions from duty travel 1 Oct 17-30 June 18
31/10/18 Office of the Clerk 210 Retired or cancelled through FlyNeutral for the Office of the Clerk to offset their reported flight-related greenhouse gas emissions on Air New Zealand flights covering the period DD/MM/YY – DD/MM/YY
31/10/18 Saatchi & Saatchi NZ 27 Retired or cancelled through FlyNeutral for Saatchi & Saatchi NZ to offset their reported flight-related greenhouse gas emissions on Air New Zealand flights covering the period DD/MM/YY – DD/MM/YY
30/11/18 Air New Zealand Retail Customers 9,552 Retired or cancelled through FlyNeutral for Air New Zealand retail customers to offset the greenhouse gas emissions from their travel on Air New Zealand flights (DD/MM/YY – DD/MM/YY)

Live Registry View

To access the live registry record of each of the retirements or cancellations undertaken by ClimateCare for each customer under the FlyNeutral carbon offset programme, please click on the link below for each registry:

  • New Zealand Units (NZUs) issued from permanent native forest restoration projects registered with the New Zealand Government under the Permanent Forest Sink Initiative are issued and cancelled in the New Zealand Emissions Trading Register (click on the ‘Voluntary unit cancellations’ link and search for ‘Air New Zealand’).
  • Verified Emission Reductions (VERs) issued from Gold Standard projects are issued and retired in the IHS Markit Environmental Registry.
  • Certified Emission Reductions issued from Clean Development Mechanism projects that are certified to the Gold Standard (GS CERs) are issued and cancelled on the CDM Registry (link to be provided).


More Information

Retirements and cancellations take place on a quarterly basis. For more information about FlyNeutral please see the Air New Zealand website.

For more information about the projects that the FlyNeutral programme supports and purchases carbon credits from and the price of those carbon credits, click here.


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