Offset your emissions

When you fly, drive, heat your home or use electricity, these activities produce carbon dioxide and other green house gasses that contribute to climate change. Even with the most determined efforts to reduce your emissions, we are all still responsible for some carbon dioxide going into the atmosphere.

The only way to take responsibility for our unavoidable emissions is to ensure that an equivalent amount of carbon is either absorbed, or avoided being emitted elsewhere. By calculating your carbon emissions and offsetting with ClimateCare, you are paying to reduce the same amount of carbon elsewhere through our award winning projects that tackle climate change and improve lives.




Calculate your emissions

Use our calculator to calculate and offset your emissions today. When you offset with ClimateCare you will be supporting a mixed portfolio of our projects that tackle climate change and improve lives.

These projects provide clean efficient cookstoves to those that need them. In addition to cutting carbon emissions, these stoves reduce toxic fumes that cause pneumonia and save families hundreds of pounds a year in fuel bills. Others provide safe water to families, reducing exposure to diseases such as cholera and typhoid. You can find out more about the types of projects you’ll be supporting by visiting our 2015 project page.


What will I get?

Everyone who offsets some of their carbon emissions through ClimateCare will receive a certificate to show their offset and are entitled to use our Climate Aware Stamp on their website, packaging and marketing materials. If you would like to go a step further and achieve Climate Neutral Status, contact one of our team and we’ll be happy to run through the process with you.



If you would like to find out more about Carbon Offsetting, or if you need help using our online calculator, contact our experts today on
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