Aqua Clara

Almost half the rural population in Kenya lack access to safe drinking water. Instead, households draw water from rivers and streams, risking outbreaks of cholera, typhoid and dysentery. As a result, many people boil their drinking water on open fires, destroying precious forests and contributing to climate change. Toxic fumes from these open fires also damage health.

To help tackle this, non-profit organisation Aqua Clara International, partnered with ClimateCare to establish a water purification project in Kenya, manufacturing and distributing household water filters that replace the need to boil water.

The resulting emissions reductions are measured, independently verified and sold to businesses that want to reduce their unavoidable carbon footprint by supporting projects that improve people’s lives as well as the environment.

Funds generated through the sale of carbon credits make this project possible and, as a result, 18,750 families will have safe water by May 2017 cutting an expected 50,000 tonnes of CO2 every year.

The key to success has been community involvement and creation of a local economy to replace the trade in firewood. Local entrepreneurs build, sell and service the filters and there are plans to create a local sales co-operative.


Key benefits

  • Safe drinking water to 14,000 people
  • Local jobs: 48 jobs and small businesses created
  • Improved health: Reducing risk of waterborne disease and cutting air pollution
  • Tackling climate change: 50,000 t/year carbon reduction


“A long time ago, water was bad. Water used to bring many problems. Those who drank the bad water used to die. Many died, I can’t even count. But people are really happy with the filtered water.”


We are grateful to The Co-Operative, which supports this project as part of its integrated approach to carbon management, protecting the environment and improving people’s lives.


To support other similar projects, contact ClimateCare on +44 (0)1865 591000