Burn Stoves

68% of Kenya’s primary household energy still comes from woody biomass. The majority of this is burnt on smoky open fires and inefficient cooking stoves, leading to air pollution and contributing to climate change. Demand for wood fuel and charcoal also leads to deforestation, devastates biodiversity, reduces habitat for endangered species and reduces carbon uptake by forests.

This Gold Standard project offers a unique opportunity to support clean cooking in East Africa. The project manufactures and sells the market leading ‘Jikokoa’ stove, which reduces charcoal consumption by 50%, and greatly diminishes the negative environmental and social impacts of cooking.

The stove has been developed over a number of years, specifically for the Kenyan market. Since 2013 it has been manufactured in a market-leading purpose-built facility near Nairobi. Savings in charcoal mount up to between $150-$250 a year – which goes a long way in Kenya. The ultimate proof of the stove’s efficacy is the fact that, in our direct experience, its sales outstrip other efficient stoves on the market in Kenya.

Key Benefits

  • Cuts fuel costs:  $37 million saved on fuel since 2013.
  • Improves Health: Reduces exposure to hazardous air pollutants improving the health of the cooks, typically mothers and children.
  • Slows deforestation: Reduces demand for wood, protecting precious forests.
  • Local economy: 40% of materials used in manufacturing the stoves are sourced in Kenya, which supports the local steel mills, packaging companies, and other suppliers.
  • Scale and Impact: Over 225,000 stoves have been sold, generating a saving of more than 1.4 million tonnes of CO2 emissions.
  • Employment generation: Over 400 jobs created, including 125 at the solar powered Burn Factory – where over half of employees are women.


Case study: Teresia Wanjogo – Kawangware, Nairobi, Kenya


“Before, I used a 50 shilling tin of charcoal for just one meal. Now, I use one tin to make three good meals for my family”






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