Modern energy services are crucial to enabling sustainable development, tackling poverty and climate change; and yet globally over 1.3 billion people are without access to electricity.

More people live without access to electricity in Sub-Saharan Africa than in any other world region and in Kenya alone, an estimated 35 million people don’t have access to the grid.

Improvements in living standards and socio-economic development in developing countries continue to be restricted by poor infrastructure.  Yet investment to improve energy access and solar lighting represents a significant opportunity to connect the unconnected, improve lives and advance economic development across these communities.



Solar Projects can help to improve energy access in developing countries as well as creating employment and improving skills


What we do

Working with leading partners around the world, we deliver solar energy programmes to bring access to reliable, sustainable, and renewable solar light to households currently without a reliable supply of electricity.

Improving energy access in developing countries increases opportunities for education and employment, creates jobs, and improves skills. Local communities are empowered and local infrastructure such as hospitals and other essential services are able to operate effectively. Where solar power replaced other activity, for example solar lighting replacing kerosene lamp, there are also direct benefits for people’s health.

ClimateCare is working with local communities and businesses to set up new markets for solar power that over time will function without the need for support, meaning your investment will leave a lasting legacy.


What You Can Do

Solar projects offer the opportunity to improve the lives of millions of people in developing countries, whilst at the same time investing in the growth of the future markets for your services, and establishing a delivery mechanism for those services.

You can support the expansion of our existing solar programme in Sub-Saharan Africa, or talk to our project development team about establishing new programmes in you supply chain or key markets.

As experts in the set up and provision of household energy solutions ClimateCare also offers support and advice to Governments, policy makers and project developers to develop, pilot and deliver solar energy solutions.


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