Programme Design

The ClimateCare team have a 19 year track record of creating and delivering award winning sustainability programmes for businesses around the world. Our programmes are designed to be low risk, consistently delivering results on time and to budget. They are quick and simple to manage while delivering real resonance and value for money.

“Working together with the innovators and experts at ClimateCare has helped us to think differently about the best way to meet our sustainability targets. ClimateCare ensure we invest our budget in projects that deliver robust and tangible results and we are excited about the potential of this type of collaboration for driving significant and meaningful change as we work towards a more sustainable future”.

Fran Leedham, Head of Environment & Sustainability, Jaguar Land Rover

Our combination of strategic expertise and on the ground project delivery experience means that our sustainability programmes not only deliver your social and environmental objectives, but align to your goals, value and purpose – adding real business value.

We design programmes in five key areas, which can be applied to a specific project, product, business unit – or to your entire organisation.



  • Deliver environmental and carbon reduction goals
  • Create positive impact in the communities your business relies on
  • Build supply chain resilience
  • Improve government relations and your license to operate and grow in key markets
  • Develop new markets for your products and services
  • Improve staff retention and motivation
  • Showcase thought leadership and differentiate your brand
  • Engage customers and improve corporate reputation


How it works

Depending on your requirements we will work with you to:

  • Scope out requirements
  • Review existing data and set financial, social, environmental objectives
  • Provide a report setting out potential actions, costs and benefits
  • Help you make the business case for action
  • Design an integrated programme to achieve your objectives
  • Set out a top line business and communications strategy to support the programme
  • Implement the programme, evaluate and adjust


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