Project Development

Delivering successful projects that cut carbon, tackle poverty and improve health is at the core of ClimateCare’s business and we are proud of our record in this area. We have an award winning project team based in Kenya and are the recognised market leader in the creation and delivery of projects that create positive environmental and social development outcomes.

We specialise in projects in the developing world including:

  • Provision of safe water through filters and boreholes
  • Creating new markets for improved cookstoves and other clean cooking technologies
  • Renewable energy provision – from household and community solar, biogas and hydro, to support for major fuel switch and geothermal projects.

Delivering integrated projects is a complex process that requires experience and ClimateCare’s 20+ year record speaks for itself. Our clients tell us they particularly value the way we match project delivery experience with innovation, financial expertise and a focus on measurable results.

We believe the most important measure of success is the results we have delivered for people and the environment – 16.5 million lives improved and 21 million tonnes of CO2 reduced so far.

We have won numerous awards including a Queens Award for our ‘outstanding work to tackle climate change and alleviate poverty’ and we have been voted the Best Project Developer – Public Health in the Environmental Finance rankings since the award was created in 2012.

Talk to our project experts about your social impact or carbon project ideas. We can advise you on the most effective approach, save you time and money on implementation and ensure you deliver the outcomes you need.



Developing bespoke projects with ClimateCare offers the following benefits:

  • Meet your priorities – projects are designed to meet your environmental and social development goals.
  • Cost effective – you can meet multiple targets through one project
  • Scale – you can tap into our network to find partners to help fund and endorse your work
  • Business resonance – we develop activities that make sense for your business, use your core skills, expertise or even products
  • Location and relevance – build resilience and positive brand awareness in your own supply chain, in your key markets or help empower future employees and consumers.
  • Research –build your understanding of key markets and engage with local influencers.
  • Brand value – build positive associations through delivering the right intervention, in the right time at the right place.
  • Engage stakeholders – our expert team will build you a communications plan to engage your staff and stakeholders with your programme.
  • Robust reporting – benefit from ClimateCare’s experience in third party verification and validation of project outcomes to build in measurement frameworks up front.
  • Thought leadership & legacy – be part of cutting edge activity to support the creation of new markets and support the transition to low carbon, sustainable communities.


How it works

We work with businesses, governments, civil society and entrepreneurs to develop and deliver projects. Our activity breaks down into the following stages:

  • Feasibility assessment and recommendation – We focus on two main elements: an analysis of the overall economics of running the project and the most appropriate methodology under which the project would be measured.
  • Project/Programme design – through consultations with the local communities and stakeholders, we determine a project design that has the highest chance of success.
  • Partner scoping and financial structuring – Assessing the project for finance streams that may be available from public sector development finance to private sector sponsorship or payment by results.
  • Pilot projects and Delivery – We often pilot projects on a small scale initially before adjusting and scaling.
  • Data monitoring and management – monitoring and evaluation is a key part of the project cycle. ClimateCare runs many types of M&E surveys, such as delivery of energy, increase in household incomes and reductions indoor air pollution.
  • Validation through third parties – We prepare bespoke reports for reporting standards such as the London Benchmarking Group.
  • Communications, Exit Strategy & Legacy creation – We help plan your involvement from the beginning to tell a story about the value and legacy you are creating.


For projects that reduce an adequate volume of carbon emissions, we can also carry out:

  • Project registration under the CDM or a voluntary standard – This includes community consultations, appointing an appropriate third party entity and liaising with the relevant standard to take projects through to Registration.
  • Carbon reduction measurement
  • Annual Verification of impacts & project performance
  • Retirement of credits – or sale of credits excess to requirements (to channel further funding into the project)


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