The BURN Stoves project allows families in rural Kenya to cook food using cleaner, more efficient cook stoves, thereby consuming less charcoal. Communities typically use wood and charcoal to fuel open fires and inefficient cook stoves, creating indoor air pollution, releasing CO2 emissions and creating pressure on local forests. The Burn Stove Project manufactures and distributes the market-leading ‘Jikokoa’ stove locally, employing more than 100 people in sales, manufacturing and distribution – 60% of whom are women.

The stove’s ‘natural draft’ technology reduces fuel consumption by up to 45% and cooking time by up to 50%, saving families up to $300 on fuel a year. In 2015, Burn’s innovative design was recognised by the internationally renowned Ashden sustainability awards.

  • Creating opportunities for women in typically male workspaces
  • First high spec, affordable cookstove manufactured in Africa
  • Emissions reductions per cookstove are equivalent to a flight from London to New York

Delivering towards the Global Goals

No poverty

Saves families up to $300 per year by reducing their fuel consumption.

Good health and well-being

Lowers exposure to indoor air pollution, which is a primary cause of respiratory disease.

Gender equality

Over 50% of Burn’s workforce are women. The stoves also save time and money on cooking, which is primarily conducted by women.

Affordable and clean energy

Clean cookstoves are essential to helping developing communities gain access to sustainable energy for household tasks.

Decent work and economic growth

Created over 100 local jobs in making the stoves, and through monitoring, education and training programmes.

Climate action

Each stove cuts 1.4 tonnes of CO2e per year - equivalent to a flight from London to New York.


When Hildah first joined Burn, her family was in awe of how she could assemble all the parts that make a Burn jikokoa stove on her own. To them, machinery work was a man’s job.

Hildah has risen through the ranks at Burn and now leads a whole team making the stoves, which she proudly calls “Kenya’s #1 jikos”.

What the carbon finance delivers

The Gold Standard Burn stoves project uses carbon finance to invest in Research & Development to further improve the quality of the Burn stoves and ensure it fulfils the needs of the customer. The carbon finance is also helping to improve marketing and distribution. This enables expansion and ensures the state-of-the-art Jikokoa™ stove reaches the widest possible market.