In Ghana, 80% of people depend on woody biomass for cooking. This is depleting the country’s forests by around 170,000 hectares per year and causing 54 million tonnes of CO2 emissions annually. The burning of this biomass in the home leads to indoor air pollution. The WHO estimate that 16,600 people die each year in Ghana as a result of using traditional stoves to cook.

This project involves the distribution of CookClean’s high spec, efficient CookMate charcoal stove. Enjoying efficiency levels of over 50%, the CookMate is popular with customers for its durability and cost savings. This is partly as a result of its “pot skirt” design, which ensures the heat is delivered directly to the cooking pot. With almost 3 tonnes of CO2 a year being saved per CookMate stove, they’re helping protect Ghana’s dwindling forest cover.

The stoves are produced in the CookClean factory in Ghana’s capital, Accra. Training is provided to distributors, who are predominantly female, helping them grow their own businesses.

Delivering towards the Global Goals

No poverty

Families save up to 50% on the cost of fuel.

Good health and well-being

Lowers indoor air pollution, improving health in a number of ways.

Gender equality

Helps grow the businesses of stove distributors, who are primarily women.

Affordable and clean energy

Clean cookstoves contribute to ensuring sustainable energy access for all.

Decent work and economic growth

Local jobs are created in making the stoves, and through monitoring, education and training programmes.

Climate action

Generates an average emission reduction of 200,000 tonnes of CO2e annually.

Life on land

Decreased fuel demand reduces the pressure on vulnerable local forests, protecting precious habitats.

In her words

“When it’s raining you can use it in your room. It keeps your room clean by not spreading ashes.”

Mrs Mary Tetteh, Stover Owner

What the carbon finance delivers

This project is registered with the Clean Development Mechanism and has delivered CERs available for sale, as well as a forward

The carbon finance supports CookClean in its ongoing operations, servicing customers and producing more cookstoves.