This project enables communities in the Karnataka and Tamil Nadu regions of India to gain access to energy efficient cookstoves. They are designed to reduce fuel consumption (typically wood) by up to 60%, compared to traditional ‘Chulhas’. The stoves also produce less smoke, black soot and particulate matter, helping to lower indoor air pollution and prevent respiratory diseases.

By reducing their need for household fuels, families can direct more money to their children’s health and education, while women and children spend less time collecting wood in distant forests. The project brings job opportunities for local people in selling and distributing the stoves.

Delivering towards the Global Goals

No poverty

Reduces fuel consumption by 60% compared to traditional stoves, saving families money.

Good health and well-being

Reduces indoor air pollution and raises people’s awareness of the health risks associated with the smoke produced by traditional cookstoves.

Gender equality

Women and children spend less time searching for wood, putting them less at risk of attack while searching for wood in distant forests.

Decent work and economic growth

Creates jobs for local people who service and distribute the stoves.

Climate action

Fuel efficient stoves burn less wood and release less CO2 into the atmosphere.