To fight deforestation and protect people’s health in Mexico, this project is helping families in eight states to gain access to improved cookstoves. It will distribute some 121,190 improved cookstoves over the project’s 10-year lifespan, helping people to save money on fuel and reduce their exposure to smoky fumes in the home, while lowering pressure on local forests.

The improved stoves are made from local materials and are adapted to local cooking methods. The NGOs implementing the project distribute the cookstoves free of charge, help with their ongoing maintenance and monitor their performance. The project will save more than 640,000 tonnes of CO2 by 2018.

Delivering towards the Global Goals

Good health and well-being

The project reduces families’ exposure to harmful air pollutants, helping to reduce the risk of respiratory diseases.

Decent work and economic growth

Manufacturing stoves locally creates employment and training opportunities for communities. The project developer also organises capacity building programmes for both the participating NGOs and customers.

Climate action

Lowering household demand for wood protects precious forests. The project will have saved more than 640,000 tonnes of CO2 by 2018.