This project brings safe drinking water to more than 4.5m people in Western Kenya, while cutting 2.4m tonnes of CO2 emissions annually. It is one of the largest climate and safe water projects globally. Some 877,505 families use LifeStraw Family water filters to purify water in their home, rather than boiling water for drinking over open fires. The gravity-driven filters require no electricity or consumables. In particular, the project leveraged carbon finance to employ 4,000 health trainers, who helped with distribution, education and monitoring. It was one of nine ‘lighthouse’ projects selected by the United Nations in 2012 as best practice examples of climate action.

Delivering towards the Global Goals

Good health and well-being

Safe water lowers the risk of contracting waterborne diseases such as typhoid and cholera.

Quality Education

Children are less likely to miss school through poor health.

Clean water and sanitation

More than 4.5m people have gained access to safe drinking water.

Decent work and economic growth

Some 4,000 health trainers took part in the first campaign – distributing filters, and carrying out training and monitoring.

Sustainable cities and communities

LifeStraw Carbon for Water is one of the largest carbon reduction and safe water provision programmes in the world. As such, it creates healthy living spaces where communities can thrive.

Climate action

The project cuts carbon by removing the need to boil water for drinking.

Life on land

It also reduces demand for wood fuel, helping to protect local forests.