Proyecto Mirador

Honduras is one of the poorest countries in the world with over half the population living below the poverty line.  Throughout the region, families cook on woodburning stoves that are in use for 8 hours a day and consume large volumes of wood.  These traditional cookstoves are also poorly ventilated and the toxic wood smoke they produce can cause serious health issues.  Globally, indoor air pollution kills more people each year than malaria. In Honduras, smoke from cookfires is one of the top 5 risk factors contributing to the national burden of disease.

A ‘Dos por Tres’ cookstove uses about half the wood of a traditional stove, removes most toxic smoke from inside homes and, over its 5 year life, can offset about 70% of the one year carbon footprint of an average American.

This Gold Standard project has built more than 56,000 stoves for families in Central America that improve health and save time collecting or money to buy wood.  The stoves are custom built in individual homes and ongoing training and maintenance support is provided to ensure the stoves last at least 5 years.

Proyecto Mirador should be of particular interest to organizations with a footprint in America that want to support a non-profit organization closer to home.  It has offset tonnage available for this and subsequent years.  Contact us to discuss your requirements.


Key Benefits

  • Improving Health: More than 56,000 families (nearly 300,000 people) now have a more efficient stove, with a chimney that removes toxic smoke fumes from the house
  • Stimulating Local Economy: 125 jobs and 16 microenterprises created bringing income to the rural economy
  • Reducing Forest Degradation: Reduces demand for wood by 4 kilos (8 lbs) of wood per day, protecting precious biodiversity, watersheds and hillsides
  • Cutting Carbon and Saving Money: By December, 2013, the project will have saved 250,000 tonnes of carbon emissions and saved families an estimated $280-360 in fuel use and health issues.


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