Protecting forests in Canada

Standard: VCS      Technology: REDD      Location: Canada

The Darkwoods Forest Carbon project in British Columbia, Canada, protects some 136,000 acres of forest from the detrimental environmental and carbon impacts of logging. Owned by the Nature Conservancy of Canada, it is the country’s largest private conservation project, promoting responsible forest management while conserving vital freshwater systems in the South Selkirk Mountains and endangered species such as mountain caribou, grizzly bear and wolverine. Over its 100-year lifespan, the project will prevent the release of an estimated 15m tonnes of CO2. The carbon emission reductions are verified by the Rainforest Alliance and Climate, Community and Biodiversity Alliance.

Delivering against the Global Goals

An estimated 15m tonnes of carbon emission savings will be made over 100 years.

Protecting 17 watersheds, multiple streams and more than 50 lakes will help provide an ongoing supply of fresh water for people, plants and wildlife.

Protecting nearly 20 at-risk species will help conserve local wildlife, including an endangered herd of mountain caribou, an isolated pack of grizzly bears, wolverines and bull trout.