Today, ICROA published its latest report; “Insetting: Developing carbon offset projects within a company’s own supply chain and supply chain communities.” The report summarises research carried out by the University of Bristol and highlights the need for a consistent understanding of the term ‘insetting’, after it has been used to describe a large range of different kinds of programmes.

ICROA offers its own definition after analysing the research:

Insetting: “The development of a carbon offset project within a company’s own supply chain and supply chain communities”

The report also recommends best practice guidelines for an insetting management strategy, for each of the following insetting characteristics:

  • Type of investment
  • Location of the investment
  • The activities covered
  • Third party verification of the insetting project

The report is timed to coincide with the international Carbon Expo in Cologne, where tomorrow, our own Head of Partnerships Rob Stevens is speaking about the report and how insetting is a step forward to climate neutrality, in his capacity as Chair of ICROA.

At ClimateCare, we have been successfully delivering insetting programmes for many years – helping our clients invest in carbon offsetting projects directly within their supply chain. This not only creates benefits in the local community, but also builds supply chain resilience and can increase brand value.

We hope that  this clear guidance from ICROA on the kind of activities that can be classified as ‘insetting’ will help corporates identify what makes a good insetting programme and how taking a robust approach brings value for their business, their supply chain and the global environment.

Download a copy of the report here