Research & Consultancy

With over 18 years’ successful delivery of projects and programmes to cut emissions, protect the environment, improve health and tackle poverty, governments and businesses regularly commission the ClimateCare team to help them develop strategy, plans and policies in our areas of expertise.


Benefits of working with ClimateCare:

  • Expertise – our team are world experts in the economics of delivering positive social outcomes and making emissions reductions, particularly through community and household level interventions.
  • Experience – ClimateCare has led delivery in this area for over 18 Years. Working with us you will benefit from real experience of the risks and challenges that are involved in transforming sectors of the economy, and how to overcome them.
  • Realism – our experience brings realistic expectations to your planning and budgeting process and when assessing potential policy measures and interventions.
  • Research – we regularly deliver a wide range of pilot and feasibility studies and offer a unique combination of desk based research, experience and field work to inform your decision making.
  • Financing – our award winning approach to innovative project financing means we are uniquely placed to develop the right financial models for your project or intervention.


How it works:

Our expert team can help you in the following areas:

  • Market analysis
  • Feasibility studies
  • Policy design
  • Piloting and implementing policies
  • Design market based GHG mitigation schemes


Recent research and consultancy projects include:

  • Developing an integrated seven year Climate and Development strategy to help a corporate client meet social impact and carbon reduction goals in the smartest and most cost effective way.
  • Advising the Kenyan Government on actions to overcome barriers to low carbon development.
  • Piloting the use of charcoal kilns and renewable feed stocks to reduce deforestation and increase productivity and income for charcoal producers, the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation.
  • Developing Kenya’s Second National Communication – providing an overview of climate change status and issues to key stakeholders, helping highlight issues and inform policy and programme planning.

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