Risk management

Purchasing a carbon credit through an approved standard, such as Gold Standard or the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), is an assurance that the carbon reduction associated with that credit is real and verified.

Our robust due diligence process provides additional assurance that your portfolio is free from any risk linked to the actions of a counterparty connected to a project.

This is an essential part of creating your portfolio. Developing carbon reduction projects is complex, often involving multiple counterparties across national and local government, communities and NGOs, as well as private corporations.

Our sector-leading, enhanced due diligence process identifies, screens and helps us select projects that are not only well managed, but are also integrated into the community and provide positive local environmental impact.

We also work closely with our chosen project partners. They draw on our extensive experience to guide their own project management, which helps them avoid common pitfalls, ensuring robust carbon reductions and long term project viability.

Find out more about our experience as project developers and our Expert Advice services below.

Quick facts

  • At ClimateCare, we apply a sector-leading, enhanced due diligence process to our
    own projects, and every project we work with.


  • Our history and experience as project developers guides our selection of the highest quality projects for our clients.


  • This approach protects you and your ClimateCare programme from delivery risk, and ensures you support projects that are well managed, and integrated into the community and local environment.