Safe Water

Over 780 million people in the world do not have access to safe drinking water. Access to safe water supplies, flooding, drought and water pollution are ranked among the most serious threats to business and society.

Dirty water exposes communities to risks of diseases like typhoid and cholera. In developing countries about 80% of illnesses are linked to poor water and sanitation conditions and one fifth of deaths in children under five are due to water-related disease.

But it’s not just about the health impacts. The United Nations estimates that Sub-Saharan Africa alone loses 40 billion hours per year collecting water, the equivalent of a year’s worth of labour by France’s entire workforce.



Safe Water Projects can help to prevent deadly diseases such as cholera and typhoid as well as helping to reduce carbon emissions


What we do

From providing water filters to families and school children to borehole projects in rural communities, ClimateCare and its partners are taking action right now to provide people around the world with safe water.

One example is our work with the Co-operative to bring safe drinking water to communities in their tea growing supply chain – future proofing their business and improving lives. By removing the need to boil water on open fires, this particular project also cuts carbon emissions.

Back in 2010, ClimateCare led the drive to source new funding for the provision of safe water to help improve the lives of millions around the world. We adapted our clean cooking methodology to enable carbon finance for safe water projects and supported the world first LifeStraw Carbon for Water project, providing 4 million people in Western Kenya with safe water for drinking,  hand washing and cleaning fruit and vegetables.

It’s not just about providing access to safe water. Establishing community buy in, providing education and ongoing support is key.

Working with partners around the world, we finance and deliver safe water programmes designed from the outset to improve lives and protect our environment.


What you can do

Safe water provision is a key priority for a community. Reducing exposure to waterborne disease transforms lives. It saves money on medical fees and improved health improve employment and education opportunities. It can also protect the environment – reducing deforestation and cutting carbon emissions.

Our expert teams will help you direct your budget for maximum impact either by supporting and scaling existing projects or developing your own.


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