I couldn’t believe my luck when I got the chance to come and work at ClimateCare.

I’m a Masters student studying Leadership for Sustainable Development with Forum for the Future. My final placement was set to be finance based and I was unsure what I would end up with. A bank? An insurer? No, I was lucky enough to be assigned to ClimateCare and I now have the chance to work on a project that will help secure finance for high quality Climate and Development projects across the world.

Securing finance for what…?

ClimateCare works with partner organisations to create and manage Climate and Development projects across the globe. These projects are designed from the outset to both tackle climate change and improve lives. For example, the Gyapa Stoves project in Ghana reduces indoor air pollution for people who buy a more efficient ‘Gyapa’ cookstove. It also stimulates the local economy, supporting entrepreneurs who manufacture and sell the stoves. On top of this, as the stoves need much less fuel, the project both cuts greenhouse gas emissions and reduces deforestation.

ClimateCare is well known for using carbon finance to support Climate and Development projects like this – generating emissions reduction credits and securing buyers for them, to provide an ongoing finance stream. However, I’ve discovered that carbon finance is just one of the financing structures ClimateCare use. And their impact is huge. The week before I arrived, the team won a Queen’s Award for Sustainable Development for its ‘outstanding contribution to tackling climate change and alleviating poverty’ having cut over 16.5 million tonnes of CO2 and improved the lives of more than 6 million people.

As you might expect, it’s a results focussed environment and in my first couple of weeks I have already been involved with research into innovative models that will allow projects like these to scale up further and make an even bigger difference.

The team in Oxford is small and dynamic. Everyone is encouraged to have an understanding of all areas of the business. A typical day might lead from a project update call in the morning with the Nairobi office, to a partnership meeting in the afternoon with a UK-based client. The pace is fast and exciting with new business developments impacting the whole team on a weekly basis. I have just under a month of my placement at ClimateCare left. I hope it continues as it started!

Sam Gillick is a Forum for the Future student, currently working as an intern at ClimateCare as part of his Masters course.


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