Solar in India

Standard: GS      Technology: Solar      Location: India

Orb Energy brings affordable, reliable solar-powered electricity and hot water heating to communities across India. Many households and businesses use electricity from the grid, which is largely powered by coal, and struggles to cope with country’s increasing demand for energy. This project makes solar technology more widely available in rural and semi-urban areas, with 100 locally employed technicians encouraging more people to purchase solar panels or solar thermal water heating systems. Households are saving more than 50% on electricity bills, while gaining access to clean, reliable power and avoiding blackouts. The project reduces 25,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

Delivering against the Global Goals

Reduces demand for fossil fuels, cutting fuel bills by over 50%.

Replacing fossil fuels in the home and workplace reduces household air pollution and the risk of burns.

Gaining access to light after sunset means children have more time for reading and homework.

This project has provided over 130,000 clean, solar energy solutions to homes and businesses.

Orb Energy has created over 500 jobs in solar sales, installation and services, particularly in lower income rural areas.

25,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions reduced annually.

Less demand for fuel wood reduces pressure on local forests.