Low-Cost South African airline Mango, has joined the IATA (International Air Transport Association) Carbon Offset Program. From today, Mango customers can opt to offset carbon emissions and at the same time, they will improve life for low income families in South Africa.

The IATA Carbon Offset Program is run in partnership with ClimateCare and offers airlines a turnkey solution for providing customer offsets. IATA ensure a robust calculation process and provides support to help airlines implement their offset programme. ClimateCare is responsible for sourcing and developing high quality carbon reduction projects that have relevance to each airline. It also provides materials and support to communicate the projects to maximise uptake.

Mango and IATA have developed a simple programme which they hope will encourage a high number of passengers to take part. Having calculated emissions from the average Mango flight, the airline asks customers to pay a flat-rate fee towards offsetting these emissions at booking.

Mango passengers will offset emissions through a project that provides solar power to low income families across South Africa. Money generated will support installation of solar water heating units to low income families across South Africa, lessening the demand for fossil-fuel based electricity and reducing CO2 emissions, but that’s not all. This project improves the lives of families in South Africa – increasing disposable income by creating new skilled jobs, saving money on fuel bills and providing access to reliable energy for some households who are currently off-grid.

“Today’s launch marks an important milestone in the continuing success of the IATA Carbon Offset Program and we are delighted to help support both IATA and Mango in their ambitions to tackle the environmental impacts of aviation, through projects which protect the environment and improve people’s lives. We’d encourage other airlines to take similar action” says ClimateCare CEO Edward Hanrahan.

“This is a global standard program that will deliver local benefits… It’s a winning proposition for travelers, the environment and local communities,” says Tony Tyler, Director General, IATA.


More Information


Airlines interested in joining the IATA scheme should contact Michael Schneider at [email protected]

To set up a similar offset programme for your industry contact ClimateCare on +44 (0)1865 591000


Remember: If you fly with an airline that doesn’t yet offer a carbon offset scheme you can still offset your flight emissions through our online Calculator.