SThree Plc, the specialist staffing company, are offsetting their carbon footprint by investing in projects which not only reduce CO2 but also improve the lives of some of the world’s poorest communities.  Continuing their six year partnership with ClimateCare, SThree are supporting a Wind Farm built across three villages in Maharashtra State and the award-winning Uganda Stoves programme.

The owners of the Wind Farm take CSR as seriously as SThree.  They helped to improve local infrastructure and support education, training and healthcare programmes in the neighbouring villages. The UgaStoves programme is transforming the market for cooking appliances in Uganda by creating a market for fuel efficient stoves in households and institutions throughout Uganda. This approach stimulates the local economy, creating new jobs & new skills while also cutting the price of fuel for families.


Credit Kate Holt - Ugastoves user - Mama Njuguna - Restaurant owner (002)“Ugastoves have improved my life. Because it is clean I save 50% of the charcoal I was using, I was buying charcoal for 2000 and now I only buy for 1000, which makes a huge difference. Even [the] light in the house…is smokeless so it is really good for everyone”

Mama Njuguna, Restaurant Owner



“We wanted to offset our global emissions while having a positive social impact too. ClimateCare blended an Indian Wind project, with great social credentials with the UgaStoves Programme, providing us with a portfolio that is great value for money, and one that we can be proud to support”, Marie Broad, Head of CSR, SThree Plc.

If you’re interested in further information about how you can support projects like these please contact [email protected].