Supply Chain Resilience

Your clients and customers are looking for you to demonstrate sustainability throughout your business and this includes through your supply chain:

  • 82% Americans expect companies to report on the progress of their social and environmental efforts (Sustainable Brands Global CSR study)
  • 91% companies take CSR into account in purchasing decisions (HEC sustainable procurement benchmark 2013)
  • Over 58% of the Fortune Global 500 set CSR codes and policies for supply chain partners (CERES “Gaining Ground”)

In addition, climate change and social issues are putting pressure on existing supply chains. As a result many businesses are looking to ClimateCare for opportunities to enhance the livelihoods of people working in their supply chain – both to meet sustainability targets and to ensure the future supply of goods.

As well as the ethical and economic reasons for action, demand from consumers for transparency around where products come from, how they are produced and by who, means it is possible to add value through engaging staff and customers with stories about sharing value within your supply chain.

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  • Improve the lives of the employees & communities your business relies on.
  • Cost effectively build resilience, improve health, generate wealth and increase productivity.
  • Demonstrate transparency within your supply chain.
  • Engage staff and customers with business relevant CSR and supply chain activity.
  • Reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment.
  • Demonstrate cutting edge CSR and best practice.
  • Secure your licence to operate and to grow.


How It Works

Our integrated Climate+Care approach makes simple business sense. You can invest in activities that create multiple benefits for the local community and the planet, whilst building supply chain transparency and resilience, and increasing brand value.

There is an increasing case for investing in projects within your sphere of influence and particular interest in insetting projects – those that reduce carbon emissions within your supply chain. In our experience projects like these turn a cost centre (paying to deliver CSR and carbon outcomes) into a valuable investment that can bolster your supply chain, help future proof your business and deliver positive impacts for the communities your business relies on.

With over 20 years experience, our award winning project team are uniquely placed to identify, develop and deliver projects within your supply chain. And our network means we can identify suitable partners to scale your impact.


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