Sustainable Agriculture

Farming is directly dependent upon climate conditions. An increase in extreme weather such as droughts, storms, flooding and decreasing rainfalls is already having an impact upon agriculture worldwide.

The developing world, and small scale farmers in particular, are most affected by climate change and most vulnerable to instability in farming income. Smallholder farmers produce 80% of the developing world’s food, but it’s often their families that go hungry.

Investment is needed to educate and equip farmers with the tools and techniques they need to mitigate and adapt. This is not just a developing world issue. Many of these small scale farmers supply food crops around the world – tea, coffee, sugar, fruit and vegetables being key examples.

Investing in these farming communities will help build resilience into food supply chains around the world, protecting businesses and consumers.



Sustainable Agriculture projects help to reduce CO2 emissions while
empowering smallholder farmers


What We Do

ClimateCare supports small holder farmers, helping them improve yields and providing clean cooking, safe water and renewable energy. These interventions improve health and tackle poverty, creating a happier more productive supply chain whilst also protecting the local environment and reducing global CO2 emissions.

We work closely with co-operatives and large businesses to build resilience in supply chain communities. For example we are working with Finlays Horticulture to improve health and tackle poverty amongst agricultural workers who supply fruit, vegetables and flowers to UK and European Supermarkets and helping the Co-operative by providing safe water to their tea growers in Kenya.


What You Can Do

We work with a number of businesses building bespoke projects in their supply chain communities. If your business relies on small holder farming communities, contact our experts to discuss how these can be scaled or replicated to meet your requirements.


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