Sustainable Employment And Economic Growth

More than half the workers in the developing world are in vulnerable jobs working for themselves or in unpaid family work [1]. Better quality employment can help tackle poverty and provide people with security and drive economic growth.

But jobs can do much more than just providing an income. It allows families better access to amenities like safe water and reliable energy, which in turn free up time and money and improve health and education. In a virtuous circle this leads to a new generation of skilled, educated and aspirational young people, equipped to take advantage of new opportunities. So, creating sustainable jobs can go on to change life for entire communities and, on a larger scale, underpin social cohesion across countries and regions. This make investment in sustainable job creation a cost effective way to deliver long term, positive development impact.




With 9 out of 10 jobs in developing countries currently provided by the private sector, it is clear that the global business community has a major role in providing these jobs – and in reaching SDG8 of  ‘Decent Work and Economic Growth for all’. At ClimateCare, we recognise this and work with both international corporate partners and local businesses and entrepreneurs across Africa and Asia to both reduce the barriers to employment and directly create job opportunities in low-income communities.


What We Do

We create new markets that work for the poor and protect the environment. Working closely with local communities to identify needs and assess appropriate interventions, we create functioning markets that provide opportunities for employment, develop local skills, build market infrastructure and create long term opportunities for investment.

As an example, our award winning work to create a new market for ethanol fuel and cookers is a pilot project ready to expand and deliver benefits at scale by using waste molasses from Kenya’s sugar industry to fuel clean cookers that improve health and cut carbon emissions. Jobs are created in the ethanol bottling plant and amongst the sales team. Shop owners selling the ethanol fuel and cookers also have another source of revenue.


What You Can Do

Take advantage of our project delivery and financial expertise to support, expand or replicate our market development work for your products or services, or in the communities that matter to you. We’ll help you use your budget to deliver maximum impact and have experience in bringing together government and private sector partners to develop, pilot and deliver market development projects that provide long term sustainability and employment opportunities at scale.


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[1] International Labour organisation: World of Work Report 2014