Tackling Poverty

Around 1 billion people continue to live on less than $1.25 a day (the World Bank’s measure of poverty) and more than 800 million people do not have enough to eat.

The intergovernmental committee on sustainable development finance estimate it will cost of $66 billion a year to provide a social safety net and annual investments of up to $7 trillion to provide necessary improvements to infrastructure (water, agriculture, transport and power).

It’s clear that tackling poverty at this scale is not just a question of providing aid. We need to think differently.

As the developing world embraces modern technology, mobile phones and the internet are changing the way people live and do businesses. This is opening up new opportunities to create wealth and lasting opportunity. This is particularly true in Sub-Saharan Africa, as the public and private sectors start to work together to improve health, provide education and fuel economic growth.

Central to this transformation is the provision of affordable clean energy that increases opportunities for people to study and work, while providing basic services such as light, heat and healthcare. These solutions can significantly reduce or eliminate fuel bills, saving communities millions of dollars every year.


What We Do

For 18 years ClimateCare has developed projects that help tackle poverty  – saving families money on fuel and health bills, creating jobs and improving incomes. We also specialise in creating new markets for affordable clean energy solutions.

Through innovative financing models we bring these solutions to the communities that need them the most.

This is not charity. We create functioning markets that work for people, the environment and the original investors. And, by taking an integrated approach to these issues we offer communities relevant, affordable and appropriate solutions to their needs.

We design, structure finance for and deliver projects that create local demand for clean energy products and services. We set up manufacturing and distribution chains, scale them and provide regular measurement of outcomes.

One example is our award winning work this year, to create a new market for ethanol cookers in Nairobi.


What You Can Do

Our approach is a proven, cost effective way to tackle poverty and deliver measurable results at scale. Whether your focus is on deploying funds to ensure the most effective delivery of environmental and sustainable development outcomes at scale, creating new markets for your products or strengthening your supply chain our team of experts can help.


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