I’m a masters student at Forum for the Future. I’m a month away from finishing my course. This year I’ve had the chance to study everything you can think of related to sustainability – from sustainable economics to climate change.

I’ve worked on sustainability projects at Marks and Spencer’s, CPRE and savings and investment business Standard Life. Over the past six weeks I’ve had the pleasure of working with ClimateCare in Oxford.

When I found out I was going to be working at ClimateCare I was excited. I knew it was an award-winning organisation, and I wanted to find out more.


Ollie Forster with a certificate to show he has offset 10 tonnes of CO2 through ClimateCare’s award winning projects – protecting the environment and improving lives.

One of the first things I discovered is that their work to protect the environment and tackle climate change is only half the story. Through its Climate+Care projects ClimateCare make a real and measurable impact by reducing carbon emissions, but what really stood out for me is the development impacts they deliver at the same time.

Through its Climate+Care approach the company has not only cut 16.5 million tonnes of CO2, it has done so through projects that have improved 6 million lives. 6 million lives!

My task was to help explain this integrated approach to sustainable development, using World Environment Day as a hook.

The task allowed me to put what I had learnt over the course of my masters into practice. One of the greatest lessons this year is that sustainability is an incredibly complex mesh of different challenges, and we need integrated approaches like this if we are to have any chance of success.

I was delighted to help pull together and deliver a series of blogs, articles and email campaigns to tell the Climate+Care story.

This wasn’t just a planning exercise. The ClimateCare team entrusted me to deliver the campaign too. It was a really hands on role that gave me an impression of the pressures and excitement of working in a communications team – as well as the disciplines required for planning, proof reading, approvals and evaluating impact.

The most rewarding thing of all was to know that my work helped ClimateCare’s clients celebrate the positive impacts they are having for people and the environment, and encouraged other businesses to consider a more integrated approach to their environment and CSR strategies – tackling poverty, empowering communities, creating jobs and improving health as well as reducing carbon emissions.

Thank you to the ClimateCare team in both Oxford and Nairobi for this experience. For me, the 5th June – World Environment Day – will never be the same again!

Oliver Forster


Take a look at the blogs and articles Oliver helped create for World Environment Day 2015


Oliver ForsterOliver is a Forum for the Future Masters Student, Environmental Geoscience graduate and avid adventurer. During his recent internship at ClimateCare, Oliver got the chance to apply his passion for sustainability and the environment to deliver a unique communications campaign alongside our experts.