The ClimateCare Story

Since we were founded in 1997, our innovative finance models and projects have delivered positive outcomes for people and the environment. Here are some of the milestones on our journey so far.




  • We launch a new calculator to help businesses and individuals measure and offset their carbon emissions through projects which cut carbon and improve lives
  • ClimateCare ranks number one for health impact projects – winning the Environmental Finance Award for Best Project Developer – Public Health
  • The Gold Standard verifies that our Gyapa Cookstoves project with Relief International has cut over 1.8 million tonnes of CO2 and improved life for 4.1 million Ghanaians.
  • We strengthen our presence in India, opening a new office in Hyderbad
  • To date we’ve cut 20.6 million tonnes of CO2 and improved 16.5 million lives
  • ClimateCare helps Jaguar Land Rover engage employees around the globe with their CSR programme
  • We are shortlisted for the Better Society Awards as Consultancy of the Year
  • Triple Pundit partners with ClimateCare to cut global emissions and encourage others to take action



    • We launch a new 2020 vision to protect the environment and improve lives
    • ClimateCare pledges its commitment to the provision of clean cookstoves alongside national delegations at a summit chaired by Hillary Clinton
    • Our cookstoves programme has been running for 10 years and so far cut 2.6 million tonnes of CO2 and improved life for 6.5 million people
    • We are awarded The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development – for our outstanding contribution to tackling climate change and alleviating poverty.



      • ClimateCare announces it has cut a total of 16.5 million tonnes of CO2
      • We launch a new report in partnership with the Climate Development Knowledge Network and Climate Change Capital about financing energy access in East Africa.
      • ClimateCare wins a new award for Best Project Developer – Public Health



      • ClimateCare announces a new partnership to create UK woodland, with the Woodland Trust.
      • We work with Kenyan Government to develop their 10 year National Climate Change Plan.
      • We win Carbon Finance Transaction of the Year for work bringing carbon finance to safe water provision.


      • The Gyapa stoves project becomes the largest Gold Standard Cookstove project in the world.
      • The ClimateCare management team buy the business back from J.P.Morgan


      • ClimateCare lead authors a new Gold Standard methodology to bring new finance to safe water provision.


      • Our work leads to the world first issuance of Gold Standard cookstove credits from Ugastoves in Uganda 
      • We win the Innovation of the Year award from Energy Risk.


  • ClimateCare is acquired by J.P.Morgan


      • We achieve 1 million tonnes of emissions reductions.
      • Our efficient cookstoves methodology is adopted by The Gold Standard Foundation, channelling new finance to clean cooking programmes around the world.
      • We partner with TUI Travel to develop projects in key travel destinations. This forms the cornerstone of the World Care Fund, the largest emission reduction programme in the travel industry.


      • We open an office in Nairobi to focus our project management expertise in this hub of sustainable development.


      • ClimateCare helps develop international standards for voluntary offsetting, helping fund the Gold Standard Foundation & working with the Climate Group to set up the Voluntary Carbon Standard.



      • We lead the world’s first application of carbon finance to an improved cookstove project in Bangladesh.


      • We offer a service to enable individuals and companies to offset online.
      • Working with DEFRA we help develop rules for the Voluntary Carbon Market.


      • We create offset mortgages with The-Cooperative  – one of the first products in the world to include a carbon offset.



    • The Kyoto Protocol was adopted by the international community, to tackle climate change.
    • ClimateCare was founded.