This week a report by CDP, formerly known as the Carbon Disclosure Project, names those businesses taking the lead on climate change around the world.

CDP has scored more than 7000 companies from A to D-, depending on the awareness, response and leadership shown on climate change by each company.

More than 120 companies scored the top ‘A’ grade, demonstrating a clear awareness of the risks and opportunities that climate change presents to their business, and a leadership role in responding to this challenge.

Strikingly, the reports illustrate that many of the world’s largest firms are increasingly aware of the risk that climate change poses to their business models. Bloomberg report that of 25 company reports they reviewed, 21 identified “inherent climate-related risks” with potentially substantial financial or strategic impacts.

Some of these risks have fundamental consequences for how large corporates operate: Communications firm A&T Inc. are preparing for the cost of infrastructural damage to rise as extreme events like wildfires become more frequent and severe. The Coca Cola Co. are concerned that water shortages will threaten their bottling operations, and Walt Disney worry that as temperatures rise, holiday-makers will avoid sweltering theme parks.

Across the private sector, companies are also increasingly recognising the need to take action to minimise their own climate impact. High profile initiatives, such as the Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosure and the RE100 renewable energy coalition, show that the private sector recognises both the responsibility to act on their emissions, and the reputational and business opportunities that this brings.

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