Holiday in the UK

An increasing number of holidaymakers are opting to explore closer to home rather than travelling abroad – according to research from Travelodge, more than half of people in the UK opted for a summer ‘staycation’ in 2018. This is not only a chance to visit often overlooked destinations which are beautiful and interesting, but is also a great way to cut your carbon footprint by limiting the emissions from your travel.

Avoid flying wherever possible

Travelling low carbon doesn’t have to mean no more going abroad. If you’re travelling around Europe, an extensive rail network and low cost, long-distance bus services can help you get around – and see more of your surroundings – without flying. If you’re not sure where to start sites like Rome to Rio can help you plan your journey.

Offset your emissions

Reducing the carbon footprint of your travel is of central importance. However, it is inevitable that we all have a carbon footprint – including when we travel. Offsetting your emissions is the way to take full and immediate responsibility for that footprint, by measuring, recognising and acting on the climate impact of your travel.

Our ClimateCare calculator allows you to measure the climate impact of your travel and to offset that through Climate+Care projects which cut carbon and improve lives in some of the worlds most vulnerable communities.

Try out our calculator below, or click here to find out more about the projects we support.

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