Take action in the UK

Investing in a local project that your staff and customers can see, visit and experience can build a real sense of pride and ownership.

We have a number of Climate+Care projects in the UK available, so whether you want to support tree planting in Scotland, the preservation of peatland in Wales or provide solar energy for schools around the UK, we can help.

Whilst regulations mean you cannot currently offset carbon emissions through projects in the UK, if you need to use your investment to offset or go climate neutral, we can develop an integrated programme of activities that will allow you to cost effectively do that whilst simultaneously delivering positive climate, social and business outcomes in the UK.

Quick facts

  • We have Climate+Care projects across the UK.


  • Taking action in the UK can help you engage local staff, customers and communities.


  • We can build a UK project into your climate neutral or offset programme, allowing you
    to meet your carbon responsibilities and CSR objectives in one.

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