UK Woodland Creation

Worldwide 12-15 million hectares [1] of forest are lost every year and this deforestation is responsible for 15% of all greenhouse gas emissions [2]. Supporting international efforts to reduce and reverse deforestation is essential, but it’s also important to take action closer to home in the UK. Woodlands capture and store carbon emissions, helping to fight climate change. They provide essential habitats for wildlife, catalyse biodiversity and provide essential recreational spaces for people as well, in some instances, a renewable source of materials and fuel. They can also help regulate water flow and increase landscape resilience to the impacts of climate change.

The UK is one of the least forested countries in Europe with just 12% forest cover [3]. ClimateCare is working with partners across the country to create new woodland and provide support for existing projects.

Working with ClimateCare, your organisation can generate new woodland for current and future generations to enjoy, managed to the highest quality under the Forestry Commission’s UK Woodland Carbon Code.  This support is a tangible CSR activity that benefits wildlife, biodiversity and the environment, and can also add value for your business, providing an opportunity to engage with local communities, staff and stakeholders.


Key Benefits

For people and the environment

  • Landscape enhancement – Trees improve the local landscape and are a permanent and physical representation of your positive environmental action.
  • Carbon capture – Woodlands act as a carbon sink, helping the UK meet its international climate commitments. Forests created will continue to capture carbon for years into the future.
  • Ecosystem resilience – Woodlands increase a landscape’s resilience by protecting biodiversity, preventing erosion and managing water flow reducing flood risk.
  • Wildlife protection – Create new habitat and protect native species.
  • Community engagement – Provide access and education opportunities for the local community.
  • Improve health – Access to woodland can greatly benefit physical and mental health and improve peoples’ quality of life, but only 15% of the UK have access to woodland within 20km of their house.


For your business

  • Brand Value – Through positive community activity and engagement.
  • Demonstrable CSR – Providing visible environmental and community impacts.
  • Project visits and tree planting activity – employee, community, customer and media engagement and volunteering opportunities.
  • Photos, maps, case studies – to demonstrate your impact and tell your story.
  • CSR Reporting – Positive stories and impacts for your CSR report. Plus Woodland Carbon Units can be reported in your carbon accounts.


How does it work?

There are a number of ways to support UK woodland projects through ClimateCare – as a standalone activity, or as part of a managed Climate+Care programme including international community interventions to protect the environment and improve people’s lives.


1. Identify new woodland sites specifically to suit your company, or choose from our ‘ready to plant’ sites.

You can fund the establishment and management of new woodland. Forests will be created and managed on your behalf to the Government approved UK Woodland Carbon Code. This means you can be sure that your contribution is funding effective action.

We can create a project to meet the needs of your company looking at:

  • Location – near to your business or the communities you want to support.
  • Desired outcomes – such as supporting biodiversity, wildlife, community access, education opportunities and carbon capture.
  • Bespoke research opportunities to measure and report impacts.
  • Development of Woodland Carbon Units.
  • Project visits and employee engagement activities.
  • Marketing materials, communications support and on-site branding opportunities.


2. Safeguard the preservation of recently planted areas by purchasing and retiring carbon units under the Woodland Carbon Code.

Purchasing Woodland Carbon Units from forests managed to the Code is an essential finance stream to support existing forests.

This is a quick and cost effective way to support woodland creation and for larger clients, we can also develop project visits and on site branding opportunities.

We will work with you to select a project that meets your needs and provide photos, maps and project information to help you tell the story and share the impact of your support.


How Can I use Woodland Carbon Units?

Over time, carbon storage is measured, independently verified and Woodland Carbon Units are issued. These can be retired and for companies complying with DEFRA’s GHG reporting guidance are eligible to be reported as part of your net CO2e figure.


Call our experts on +44(0)1865 591000, to discuss your requirements and find out how you can support the creation of new woodland across the UK


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