The Good Relations Group published new research this week, about how ‘good’ consumers perceive brands to be in three areas: actions, recommendation and engagement.

Reporting on the research, Marketing Week said:

According to figures from Accenture, intangible or ‘soft’ assets such as reputation, relationships and supply chain are worth $35trn (£22trn) to businesses globally – much more than the $25trn (£16trn) attributed to tangible assets like property.

“Intangible assets are the most valuable but also the most vulnerable things that businesses have,” says Jackie Brock-Doyle, chief executive of The Good Relations Group. “They’re valuable because if people genuinely like you and your reputation is strong, they tend to tell other people about it. They are vulnerable though, because if what you are saying to customers doesn’t have authenticity and you’re not matching it with your actions, you will be found out quickly in today’s social media age.”

Brock-Doyle argues that intangible assets are vital to the sustainability of businesses. She notes that brands are increasingly inclined to mimic the products or pricing strategies of their competitors, meaning that brand values and reputation are key differentiators in the minds of consumers.

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Download the summary research report.