This great new video tells how choosing to offset your carbon emissions with the Gyapa Cookstove project, which was nominated for a 2degrees Social Value Award this year, will improve lives in Ghana.

The project is run on the ground by NGO Relief International and has already helped save more than 1 million tonnes of CO2 emissions, but it’s not just about tackling climate change. Recent research shows that for every tonne of CO2 you offset through Gold Standard cookstove projects like this, you will deliver $55 of health impacts, $93 of livelihood impacts and $3 of employment.

The Gyapa project has a particular focus on developing skills, creating jobs and stimulating enterprise. It generates employment for 350 manufacturers and more than 500 local retailers. Tackling poverty is also a key element and to date this project has saved families in Ghana more than $41 million in fuel costs – money they can now spend on food, clothing, healthcare and education.

We can provide wonderful case study stories, photos and video assets from this project, which together with support from our communications team, will help you engage colleagues and stakeholders with your offset programme.

The Gold Standard Foundation has recently verified 2012 and 2013 emissions reductions and these credits are now available for purchase. Contact the ClimateCare team to discuss your requirements.

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