Water purification in Kenya

Standard: GS     Technology: Water      Location: Kenya

The Aqua Clara water purification project helps people in rural Kenya gain access to safe water by making affordable household water filters that avoid the need to boil water. Previously, families boiled water to drink over open fires, putting their health at risk by inhaling smoky fumes, while creating more pressure on local forests. This project enables communities to participate in building, selling and servicing the water filters, instead of buying and trading firewood. Over the 10-year crediting period, the project is estimated to reduce 1.3m tonnes of CO2 and will seek to introduce more than 23,000 bio-sand and 4,800 household sand and membrane filters.

Delivering against the Global Goals

Families reduce their exposure to household air pollution.

Children are less likely to miss school due to poor health associated with boiling water over open fires.

Protects families from waterborne diseases like cholera, typhoid and dysentery.

Distributing and maintaining the filters and providing sanitation training, has created 48 jobs.

Safe water is a vital part of creating clean and healthy living spaces, where communities can live sustainably.

By 2022, the project will have saved more than 1.3m tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Reduced fuel demand lowers the pressure on vulnerable local forests.