Sustainability Communications

At ClimateCare, we work closely with you to ensure all your communications are accurate and transparent. This gives you the confidence to talk in a clear, robust and inspiring way about your undertaking.

A ClimateCare programme can add brand value by demonstrating best practice action when it comes to taking responsibility for your climate impact. We will help you realise this value, providing you with everything from easy to use communications templates to bespoke messaging and strategy support.

The positive value and credibility associated with the ClimateCare brand, coupled with our expert communications support, will help you deliver the following outcomes:

Improved staff engagement: We bring staff up to speed with your ClimateCare programme through training and senior-level staff briefings, and help you develop an internal communications strategy to engage and inspire staff at all levels.

Positive PR and thought leadership positioning: We profile your climate and sustainability action, provide spokespeople for your own communications, support your media outreach and work with you to design a bespoke launch for your new climate neutral programme or product.

Long-term engagement: Strong relationships with projects on the ground mean we can source films, photographs and case studies that bring your offset programme to life. We can even arrange project visits, so you can see the impact first-hand. We also have our own proactive communications, which give all our clients timely and engaging content to talk about their sustainability action throughout the year.

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Quick facts

  • Brands with environmental and social responsibility at their core have grown almost
    50% faster than other businesses in recent years.



  • Sustainability and climate change are mainstream consumer issues.


  • Positive PR around these issues can add brand value and keep your company front of
    mind in relation to sustainability action.

Case Study

Jaguar Land Rover

New project increases staff engagement
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Case Study


Climate neutral programme strengthens Aviva’s responsible brand identity.
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