The Co-operative Bank’s new Values and Ethics Report highlights its work with ClimateCare as one of the key achievements of its sustainability programme, reporting that since 2006 it has not only reduced global carbon emissions, but improved life for 148,000 people.

In addition to sourcing 99% of its electricity from renewable sources, the bank offsets its operational greenhouse gas emissions, plus an extra 10% to address legacy issues.

“ClimateCare help us plan and deliver an effective and integrated programme. Through them, we are able to take responsibility for our carbon footprint, and in doing so, support world leading projects that make a measurable difference to people and the environment – from reforesting the Kibale national park to providing clean reliable energy and safe water to families,” explains Guy Mason, Values and Ethics Manager.

“As a B Corporation business – focussed on using the power of business for good – we are delighted to be working in partnership with a business that places values and ethics at the very core of its purpose.” Said Robert Stevens, Head of Partnerships, ClimateCare.

This year the Co-operative Bank is supporting two ClimateCare projects that are designed to cut carbon and improve lives – the Gyapa Stoves Project and the LifeStraw Carbon for Water project.

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