This World Environment Day, we’ll all be thinking about how to reduce our impact on the environment – from tackling climate change to protecting ecosystems and biodiversity.

But in reality it’s impossible to move towards tackling these challenges, without also considering people. How can we feed, house and support a growing population without damaging the environment? How can we engage our colleagues and partners with action to tackle these issues? How can we make our voice heard?

This language is reflected in the aims of World Environment Day this year, with the theme for 2015 being how the well-being of humanity, the environment and economies ultimately depends on the responsible management of the planet’s natural resources.

With growing awareness of the need to take a more holistic approach, we share five infographics and videos that help demonstrate why sustainable development must go hand in hand with environmental action, and ask: If the challenges we face are so complicated, where can you start?


1. This illustration from the International Union for the Conservation of Nature shows how well-being is intrinsically linked with our environment.


IUCN Graphic Formatted


2. The Stress Nexus is a great example of just how complicated the balance of these relationships can be and the many factors that impact sustainability.


the stress nexus formatted


3. The Environment Nexus uses video to explain simply and succinctly how Water, Energy and Food need to be considered together to design smart and sustainable policies.



4. The UN Triple Win system prioritises activity that delivers against multiple goals of economic growth, social development and environmental sustainability. You can read more about this in the paper: Triple Wins for Sustainable Development.


UNDP Triple Win Formatted


5. PWCs Total Impact Measurement and Management graphic looks at the relationships between business, social and environmental impacts and is used as a tool to help identify the potential positive and negative impacts of business decisions at a system level.


PWC Diagram Formatted
If the challenges we face are so complicated, where can you start?

At ClimateCare we’ve always taken an integrated approach to tackling Climate and Sustainable Development Challenges. Take a look at this video to find out more and hear what others think about our Climate+Care programmes.



Our latest blog: Where to start – tackling challenges with integrated Climate and Sustainable Development solutions offers some practical tips and advice.


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