Ziyaret wind power in Turkey

Standard: GS      Technology: Wind      Location: Turkey

Situated near Antakya in the Hatay region of Turkey, this project makes use of Turkey’s wind supply – one of the best in Europe – to generate 193,000MWh of clean, renewable electricity annually from 23 wind turbines. The electricity is fed into the Turkish grid, helping the country to increase its power generation from renewable sources, and reduce its reliance on fossil fuels. The project saves more than 150,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually and helps to avoid the harmful pollutants associated with coal-fired power plants. It also creates local employment opportunities in constructing and operating wind turbines, and encourages entrepreneurs to invest in similar renewable energy projects.

Delivering against the Global Goals

The employment opportunities generated by the project help to alleviate poverty at a local level.

In addition to generating clean energy, the project has donated equipment to clean the beach in Samandağ and helped to renovate a health clinic in the village of Çöğürlü.

The project helps to stimulate grid-connected renewable technologies and markets, and offers a reliable, affordable way to bring electricity to remote, rural communities.

The project has created jobs for local people in constructing and operating the wind turbines.

The project saves more than 150,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually that would otherwise be emitted by fossil fuel-based power plants.

By reducing the consumption of fossil fuels, the project contributes to the conservation of water, soil, plant and animal ecosystems.