New research published today by Imperial College London adds to the growing base of evidence that funding low carbon projects in the developing world is one of the most cost effective ways of both reducing emissions and delivering positive impacts on people’s lives. For every tonne of carbon offset, this research shows that on average $664 of benefits are delivered to the communities where carbon reduction projects are based. It also highlights a host of business benefits experienced by those with offset programmes.

In reality, it is essential that every project is assessed individually on the environmental, social and development impacts it delivers. ClimateCare’s unique focus on projects that tackle poverty, improve health and protect the environment means that businesses offsetting through us already benefit from robust measurement of the impacts of their support.

However, we are delighted that this new research, alongside other studies such as the recent Gold Standard Foundation research, highlights the potential of carbon finance to support sustainable development.

ClimateCare are recognised experts in creating integrated CSR programmes that deliver value for people, the environment and your business. To unlock the benefits of carbon offsetting for your business, contact us today.

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“By utilising latest natural capital accounting methodologies we have been able to demonstrate the impact offset projects are delivering on the ground” says, Environmental Economist, Imperial, Dr Yiannis Kountouris.

“The voluntary carbon market is a smart opportunity for businesses to consider as part of their sustainability strategies. This research demonstrates offset programmes deliver against numerous business objectives such as employee engagement and resource efficiency savings” says ICROA Programme Director,  Sophy Greenhalgh.