We are trusted by some of the world’s leading organisations to deal with complex issues around climate and sustainability. They rely on us to deliver results that are good for the world and their business.

With over 150 years’ collective experience in the global carbon markets and climate change sector, we make a real difference for the world. We helped shape the first voluntary carbon markets, and pioneered the use of carbon finance for community-based development projects.

In 2007, we achieved our first 1 million tonnes of CO2 reductions, and were acquired by investment bank J.P. Morgan the following year. In 2011, ClimateCare bought the business back. Since then, we’ve deployed over $100 million, working with our partners to create positive social and environmental outcomes.

41 million
Lives improved
43 million tonnes
CO2 cut
8 billion litres
Safe water delivered
10 million
MWh Clean
energy provided
$487 million
Annual saving
on fuel bills
3 billion
Hours of
productive time saved

Moving forward

We believe that all organisations should take responsibility for their carbon emissions.

That’s why we’ve set ambitious targets to cut 50 million tonnes of CO2 and improve 50 million lives by 2025.

We have the expertise and experience to help you meet those responsibilities and make a tangible difference through sustainable projects that deliver real environmental and social outcomes.

Discover who we work with and how we can help your organisation through our four key products, or get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Carbon Offsetting

Once you’ve reduced your carbon footprint, offsetting is the way to take full responsibility for your residual emissions.
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Net Zero

As well as taking full responsibility for your carbon emissions, we can help you move to Net Zero as quickly as possible.
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Climate Neutral Products and Services

You’ve taken responsibility for your organisation’s carbon emissions, but what about your products?
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UK Climate Action

Taking action to tackle climate change and improve lives locally can be a powerful way to engage your staff and local communities.
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Renewable Energy

There is a renewable energy revolution underway and your business can be part of it.
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Climate neutral gas

We are here to help you build 100% carbon neutral gas into your energy tariffs
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Climate Responsible Investments

A robust and transparent ESG policy is no longer a nice to have, rather, it is a necessary part of all successful investment strategies.
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Aviation and shipping

Emissions from aviation and shipping continue to rise. We can help you neutralise these emissions now.
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The UN Global Goals

The UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development include ending poverty, improving global health and mitigating climate change by 2030.
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Risk Management

Our enhanced due diligence process ensures your portfolio provides robust carbon reductions, protects you from delivery risk and ensures the projects you support are well managed.
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Sustainability Communications

Taking effective action to tackle climate change can build brand value, engage your staff and win new customers.
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