Carbon Reduction

Research has shown that corporations who actively manage and plan for climate change secure an 18% higher return on investment than companies that don’t * (CDP Research 2014)

For organisations developing a carbon management strategy, ClimateCare can provide advice and strategic planning. We also specialise in delivering measurable carbon reductions against your targets – be that through greening your energy supply, securing carbon neutral certification, reducing emissions through your supply chain or investing in your own carbon reduction activity. ClimateCare also works with hundreds of clients around the world to measure, reduce and offset their carbon footprint.

We can make smart use of your budget by delivering carbon reductions through projects that align with your organisational values and deliver social as well as environmental impact. For example, research shows that every 1 tonne of carbon you pay to reduce through a ClimateCare clean cooking project will deliver $151 of health, livelihood and employment impacts.

Take a look at the positive economic and health impacts you could create by supporting our carbon reduction projects using our impact calculator.

Measure and offset the carbon footprint of particular activities such as flights or business travel with our online calculator.



  • Measure, understand and reduce your carbon footprint
  • Discover cost effective ways to reduce global carbon dioxide emissions
  • Meet emissions reduction targets whilst achieving social and business goals.
  • Create cost savings by delivering multiple climate and development outcomes.
  • Meet reporting requirements
  • Build your brand and reputation
  • Engage stakeholders
  • Demonstrate thought leadership in Sustainable Business


How it works

ClimateCare has helped hundreds of clients achieve emissions reductions at scale, at a competitive price, and report measurable impacts such as environmental protection, improved health, employment generation and much more.

With the help or our partners and clients we have cut more than 16.5 million tonnes of CO2, helping to tackle climate change. At the same time this activity has improved life for more than 6 million people.

We can help you:


Meet your climate and carbon reduction goals.
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