Clean Cooking

Cooking shouldn’t kill, but nearly 3 billion people in the developing world still cook food and heat their homes with traditional cookstoves or open fires. The resulting Air Pollution causes respiratory disease and in addition, millions of tonnes of CO2 are generated, contributing to climate change.

Women and children are most affected and recent studies estimate that over 11,000 people die every day from these cooking methods – more than malaria and tuberculosis combined.

Improved cookstoves offer a simple solution. Using less fuel they save families money, reduce deforestation and cut CO2 emissions. They also reduce indoor air pollution, improving health and new generation cookers that use fuels such as ethanol can even eliminate Indoor Air Pollution completely.

However it’s not easy to change the way communities have cooked for generations. Help is needed to stimulate demand and to improve and scale manufacturing to meet it.


Clean Cooking Projects can help to tackle climate change, improve health
and even create employment


What we do

Over 10 years ClimateCare has pioneered clean cooking around the world. We work closely with the UN’s Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves and to date we have improved life for over 6.5 million people and cut over 2.6 million tonnes of CO2 through improved cookstove programmes. You can help us go even further.

Working with our partners we create innovative funding models, establish new markets and deliver new projects to enable clean cooking around the world.

As long ago as 2003 we began to promote clean cooking programmes and our team wrote the methodology that first allowed carbon finance to be used for these projects.

This year we announced an award winning revolving fund model to support development of a new market for ethanol fuel and clean ethanol cookers that we believe has potential to roll out around the world.


What You Can Do

Investing in clean cooking is a means to empower women, improve health, free up time for children to go to school, tackle poverty, create employment and protect the environment – reducing deforestation and carbon emissions.

Working with ClimateCare you can help develop markets for improved stoves and leave a lasting legacy for communities and the environment.

Our expert teams will help you direct your budget for maximum impact either by supporting existing projects or developing your own. Clean cooking solutions can also be combined with safe water provision and supply of renewable energy to transform lives.


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