Gyapa stoves in Ghana

Standard: GS      Technology: Cookstoves      Location: Ghana

This project has made insulated and efficient cookstoves available to 4.1m people in Ghana, saving them more than $84m in fuel costs. The Gyapa stove cooks food more quickly than conventional cookstoves, requiring 50-60% less fuel and producing fewer smoky fumes. More than 830,000 stoves were sold in Gyapa’s first 10 years, generating 2m tonnes of CO2 emission savings. Families are less likely to suffer from respiratory diseases linked to indoor air pollution. Meanwhile, using less fuel both boosts disposable household income and helps to protect Ghana’s dwindling forests. The project also creates jobs and helps people to develop valuable skills.

Delivering against the Global Goals

4.1m people have saved more than $84 million.

Gyapa stoves reduce families’ exposure to hazardous air pollutants that can cause pneumonia or lung cancer.

Highly skilled ceramists and metal artisans are guaranteed employment for their manufacturing services. Some 13,000 stoves are produced monthly by 350 manufacturers. In addition, more than 500 local retailers benefit from selling the Gyapa stove.

Over 830,000 stoves have been sold since 2007 generating a saving of more than 2m tonnes of CO2 emissions.

The stoves significantly reduce the demand for wood, protecting forests in a country that has one of the highest deforestation rates in Africa.

Case Study: Ebrahim ‘Lucky’ Dowda, Gyapa stove retailer

“I can sell 900 liners a month, which gives me enough money to send my son to school.”