Our Approach And How We Work

We want to change the way governments and business tackle climate and development challenges.

A profit for purpose organisation, we believe that to tackle climate change, poverty and sustainable development, we cannot rely solely on aid.

We help public and private sector partners work together to deliver award-winning Climate+Care programmes designed to tackle poverty, improve health and protect the environment, whilst delivering value for the organisations involved.

We measure our success against three elements: Profit, Social Impact and Environmental Impact, with no trade-off between the three and have a strong track record built over 19 years.

A unique combination of project development experience and financial expertise allows us to develop innovative project and financial structures, whilst our focus on robust, measurable results ensures we deliver projects with a low cost per impact delivered.

To date, we have deployed over $100 million to deliver social and environmental impacts. We have already improved the lives of over 16.5 million people and reduced 20.6 million tonnes of CO2.

Through our work we seek to create new markets for technologies and services that reduce emissions and improve livelihoods through improved access to energy and water. And crucially which have the ability to scale and over time become self-sustaining, such as new markets for solar energy and clean cooking solutions.


Our services

Our team of experts are on hand to help you:

  • Assess opportunities, carry out feasibility studies and develop a case for action
  • Deliver against your environmental, social impact and community investment targets
  • Support integrated programmes aligned to your core purpose and flagship sustainability themes
  • Make best use of your budget through our smart, integrated approach
  • Robustly measure and report environmental and social impacts delivered
  • Scale-up sustainable development by unlocking new partnerships

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Why Work With Us?

Partners worldwide find working with ClimateCare a cost effective way to deliver measurable social and environmental impacts at scale. Our partners value our unrivalled climate and development expertise; our ability to deliver multiple outcomes through a single, smart programme; and our focus on creating business and brand value. Don’t just take our word for it – take a look at what our partners have to say about our Climate+Care approach.