Our Climate+Care approach means that all our ClimateCare projects are designed to protect the environment and improve lives, and each delivers against multiple sustainable development goals.


Most of our customers with a requirement of less than 2,000 tonnes offset their emissions through our online Mixed Portfolio, which is blended to balance impacts on people with an affordable price per tonne. Throughout the year as volume builds we may add additional projects to meet customer demand. If you plan to offset more than 2,000 tonnes of emissions, or are interested in working with our experts to develop a more integrated sustainability strategy, please contact us to discuss a bespoke approach. This may include funding specific projects to reflect your sustainability priorities or geographical location, to developing new partnerships and funding models.

We have a wide variety of projects available, and can create a portfolio which is tailored to meet your budget, location and technology requirements. Take a look at just a selection of our projects below..