Net Zero

Emissions continue to rise in many industries and in many countries, and the science tells us that climate change is accelerating. Given this, we all need to increase our ambition and actions.

Many organisations are setting Net Zero targets (achieving an overall balance between emissions produced and emissions taken out of the atmosphere) by a set date. This date tends to be 2050, with a leadership group setting earlier targets for 2040, but the science tells us that we need to be there by 2030.

While much needed, these Net Zero plans don’t necessarily take full responsibility for all those emissions that will be produced today, and tomorrow, on this road to Net Zero.

We need both long-term plans for systemic change, as well as immediate action now, to take full responsibility for every tonne we emit today, and every day, on the journey to Net Zero.

It is today’s emissions that are causing tomorrow’s climate change.

What can my organisation do?

Carbon Neutral programmes play a vital role in accelerating the global transition towards Net Zero by allowing organisations to take full responsibility for carbon emissions today and  contribute finance to the low carbon transformation of the economy – helping close the emissions gap, the finance gap, and the time gap.

Over 70 Countries and nearly 800 companies have already committed to work towards Net Zero and new companies are making commitments every day.

Your businesses can move towards Net Zero in three ways:

  • Reduce: Set and deliver against Science Based Targets to cut emissions.
  • Avoid: Finance emission avoidance activities elsewhere, reducing global emissions.
  • Remove: Finance activities that remove or sequester carbon from the atmosphere.

How can corporates become Net Zero?

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Your roadmap to Net Zero

The ClimateCare team can help your organisation at every step of the journey.

To start, we can help you take full responsibility for your unavoidable emissions today and become Climate Neutral through a tailored programme.

Our Natural Climate Solutions and International Project Teams can also help you develop a long-term portfolio of carbon avoidance and removals projects that can continue to compensate for your emissions until you reduce to Net Zero – and beyond to become carbon positive.

Contact us today to begin your pathway to Net Zero.